About Us

About Us

Who We Are

  • We are internationally experienced construction experts.
  • We are experts for preparation of Project Delay Analysis, Damage Reports & scientific Construction claims.
  • We have pool of experts for providing Training & Consultancy support on Construction Arbitration at client’s premises.
  • Our experts has acted as counsels & arbitrators in high stage arbitrations providing best experts advise for solving the dispute.
  • We have dedicated team of experts in different alternative dispute resolution (ADR) techniques.
  • We have expert for evaluation of Documents and presentation of document as evidence.
  • All our team members are members of reputed professional bodies & institutions and always keep themselves update with latest developments in the field of construction arbitration.
  • We provide our effective, efficient value added services at most economical costs.

Our Experience

We have provided our services to our clients globally for preparation of Delay Analysis, Damage reports & Construction claims to win awards on various arbitration cases.

Our experts have represented no. of large companies in India & Abroad in ADRs for successful solving of disputes.

Our Mission

To provide our effective, efficient value-added services at most economical costs.